Hurricane shutters roll down are one of the most popular option when talking about guarding your house from stormy weathers. As a matter of fact, they are commonly used to cover huge areas such as over household windows and pool houses for an additional protection and insulation from rain, flying debris and high winds. These easy to use and strong shutters can be lowered using a hand crank or an electric motor, deployed quickly with just one click or a few rotations. The following are some of the few benefits of selecting motorized and non-motorized hurricane shutters in order to help you shield your house from the inclement weather: 

Motorized Hurricane Shutter Roll Downs 

These electronically operated shutters can be lowered down with just one push of a button which makes storm preparation easy and quick. A lot of property owners want the convenience of an electronically operated system, saving themselves the energy and time of fighting with many windows and doors – caught in a strong wind and rain, forced to crank them shut come brutal weather conditions. If you have trouble lifting heavy items or just want to protect overhead windows – such as big double doors, lanai openings and sliding glass doors – motorized shutters are most probably your better option.  

Simply because of how useful motorized hurricane shutters can be, a lot of people use these systems on a regular basis, noise reduction, sun shading as well as for added security. Setting them to the position you desire, these luxurious storm shutters can remain partially closed or open for aesthetic or ventilation purposes. 

Non-Motorized Roll Down Storm Shutters 

Homeowners usually select non-motorized roll down storm shutters over the electronically operated systems because they are a lot cheaper. In addition to that, they also get the same work done with just a lower price, folding down or up with ease of a pulling strap or a few cranks. Your house still has an additional security however, with lesser convenience compared to the motorized roll down storm shutters. For instance, should you select non-motorized systems, you will have to spend a bit of your time preparing your house prior to each storm or hurricane.  

Once forecasted, you will need to go around to each of the windows, or enclosure and crank them shut manually. With that being said, it only takes less than thirty minutes however, it is totally dependent on how tough they are to reach and how many windows do your house has. For a lot of homeowners with a few areas to secure, this is not a big deal however, for those with many, there is just not enough time prior to preparing for the storm. Having said that, you should consider the place you are searching for to protect. If you’re only searching for an additional roll down storm shutter to your glass door, for example, it might be very economical to choose the non-motorized model. Or if you are only adding the storm shutters to your windows on a ground level, a manually powered version could be ideal. 

For repairs of storm shutters, you can DIY it or even hire someone such as a professional that offers handyman service repair PP for basic fixes but if there’s a more complicated issue, then you should leave it to the experts.